The Last Parsnip

A Truly Unbelievable Dining Experience from Chef Bryce Chartwell

Welsh Night

Once a year we create a very special event at The Last Parsnip to celebrate all that is wonderful about Welsh cuisine. The evening features food and drink from across the Principality, together with music from the Pacific Northwest's pre-eminent Welsh Male Voice Choir*. 

A selection of images from last year's event is shown below:

The special fixed menu costs $90, and includes an appetizer, main course, dessert and an after dinner drink. Space is limited, and reservations are absolutely required. Valley parking is available at a fee.

The event is not suitable for vegetarians or Scottish people.


Note: The date for this year's event has been moved to December 8th owing to a disruption in this year's leek supply. We apologize for any undue disruption and discomfort this may have caused. 


* Subject to availability, and a sufficient number of choir members that year.