The Last Parsnip

A Truly Unbelievable Dining Experience from Chef Bryce Chartwell

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The Low Counties Festival

The Low Counties Festival has been a mainstay of the English summer season ever since it began around twelve years ago. While it has grown tremendously it has managed to retain its original sense of entertainment and spectacle. Visitors are rarely disappointed - whether they come for the daring demonstrations of "Indoor Bar Shooting" or the epic battles of "Tanglenut Hopscotch". 

This year The Last Parsnip is delighted to be participating for a full three days. We'll be situated in the locavore tent (next to the needle crafts and pie-arts sections). 

In keeping with the rather vague arrangements that pervade the festival (the dates are normally not revealed until a week before the event), we won't be announcing the precise details of our sessions until the last moment. However, we can confirm that we'll be including several Stochastic Gastronomy demonstrations, and potentially one of the first public preparations of Baked Nebraska.

Tickets will be available through the festival website and on the door (cash only). Seating is expected to be extremely limited - so visitors are encouraged to arrive exceptionally early. 

Note: As with any Stochastic menu, there is always an element of uncertainty, and potentially fatal risk, associated with consuming the Recipe Variations. Guests are encouraged to consult with a trained physician if they have a weak constitution or lack mental fortitude.