The Last Parsnip

A Truly Unbelievable Dining Experience from Chef Bryce Chartwell

 “The Chartwell Feast”

Once a year the Last Parsnip clears the restaurant in preparation for an epic dining event. “The Chartwell Feast” is a mammoth experience, pitting advanced diners against some of the most intoxicating and challenging dishes available today.

The “Feast” is delivered “Test-Match” style over a five day period. Guests typically put-up at a local hotel or are welcomed by the more friendly and enterprising residents of Radnage(for an appropriately exorbitant fee). Over the course of the weekend a total of seventy-two courses are served up. Styles are typical of the Last Parsnip’s menu, though some innovations are usually included to keep the guests on their toes. Ample time is set aside between courses for “perambulation periods” in the gardens, and “respiratory exercises”.

Attendance is strictly by invitation only, with the final decision resting exclusively with Bryce Chartwell himself.

Cost for the event is £700 ($1200), excluding lodging and medical expenses.

If you are interested in attending, and believe you have the appropriate gastronomic pedigree to be accepted, please send a detailed request to: . 

A selection of images from this year's events is shown below:

Warning: We should note that “The Feast” is not for everyone. We have had fatalities in the past, and there may be more in the future. Attendees lacking in physical stamina, digestive strength or mental stability are encouraged to seek medical advice before, during and, most likely, after the event.