The Last Parsnip

A Truly Unbelievable Dining Experience from Chef Bryce Chartwell

Stochastic Gastronomy

I have written in the past about the merits of reaching the absolute zenith of a recipe, the singularity where preparation and ingredients come together with sublime specificity. I call this the moment of reciprocity.

Reaching such perfection is, of course, devilishly difficult. One technique takes a reductionist approach, plotting and refining a recipe towards a predictable end point. Often this is possible, provided that sufficiently nuanced equipment and skilled staff are available.

However, I have also developed an entirely different branch of cooking that takes a more parallel and experimental path. In stochastic gastronomy multiple variations of a recipe are plated out and prepared, with the aim of finding the proverbial needle in the haystack.

This approach is far from easy. It requires complex algorithms to map out the so-called recipe space. Precision liquid handling equipment is then needed for measuring and mixing the ingredients in multi-welled cooking trays. And finally a highly trained chef must identify any potentially lethal variations before they reach the guests.

The Last Parsnip is the only fully-certified restaurant to be using this technique with the general public. Our stochastic evenings have gained a reputation as being some of the most rewarding and risky dining experiences available today. Naturally they are delivered under the protection of a water-tight legal waiver.

We look forward to serving you at one of these unique events.