The Last Parsnip

A Truly Unbelievable Dining Experience from Chef Bryce Chartwell

Dining Policy and Etiquette

The Last Parsnip is an exceptional restaurant, providing an outstanding dining experience for the more discerning guest. Over the years we have developed a number of policies designed to maintain order and enhance the gastronomic events taking place within our walls. We adhere to them strictly - any transgressors will be swiftly ejected.

Dress Code:

  • Smart or formal attire is strongly preferred. 
  • For gentlemen: jackets and ties are required; shirts should be freshly laundered with medium starch. 
  • For ladies: dresses or smart blouses are preferred; hats are optional, but only allowed on the patio.
  • In our UK restaurant the following professions may "come as they are":  barristers, judges, members of the clergy and the landed gentry.

Cell / Mobile Phone Policy:

  • The use (and even carriage) of mobile phones is strictly forbidden.
  • To this end we have incorporated a Faraday Cage into our walls - rendering mobile devices inoperable within the restaurant.
  • Even a weak cellular signal can impact the success of our more delicate preparations.


  • Photography of any kind is strictly forbidden.
  • It is essential that we maintain the privacy of our diners, and also protect the confidentiality of our Stochastic Cooking techniques.


  • Dining pleasure is our utmost priority - provided through exceptional food, unique surroundings and stimulating conversations.
  • We urge our guests to come prepared with adequate and stimulating materials to keep their table conversations going. Awkward silences are anathema.
  • We also ask our guests to refrain from using strong regional accents which can cause concern for our elderly benefactors. Glaswegian and Novascotian dialects are particularly disturbing.

We look forward to your patronage.

The Management.