The Last Parsnip

A Truly Unbelievable Dining Experience from Chef Bryce Chartwell

Bryce’s Kitchen Table on Bainbridge Island

Join Bryce at his home on Bainbridge Island for an intimate gastronomic experience. Once a quarter Bryce will be hosting an open cooking class where he will prepare a dazzling array of intensely challenging dishes. Bryce's Kitchen Table, with beers and wines to match each course, is prepared in strict adherence to the principles of cooking duality. The first three course, historical gems from the Victorian era, are prepared with indescribable precision and discipline. The final three course are served using stochastic variations - ensuring no two evenings are quite the same.

There will be plenty of opportunity to engage the host in amusing and lively conversation while he prepares the food. We encourage all guests to bring at least one food-related anecdote with them. 

Classes start at 4.30 pm and cost $475 per person. This modest price includes a signed copy of Bryce’s first (and least popular) cookbook – Lard Of Hope and Glory. Places are limited to 37 people per course – and reservations must be made in person at The Last Parsnip Restaurant.

Please note that tickets are strictly non-refundable. No seniors.