The Last Parsnip

A Truly Unbelievable Dining Experience from Chef Bryce Chartwell

Westward Ho!

It's the start of a new year, and, I'd like to think, the start of a new chapter in my own life.

After several years successfully managing The Last Parsnip outside of London, I've decided to head West and lend my gastronomic talents to our sister restaurant, also somewhat predictably, called The Last Parsnip, in Seattle, Washington. Or, more accurately, I should say just outside of Seattle, Washington. For our second establishment lies at the end of a sleepy lane on Bainbridge Island - a short ferry ride away from The Emerald City itself.

Since I opened our US restaurant three years ago I've been making frequent trips to help get it started, and to educate the staff on the finer points of Stochastic Gastronomy. Our head chef, Benedict Lacrosse, has done an admirable job, and has helped to create a clientèle second to none in the Pacific Northwest. However, after an unfortunate fur trapping accident over Christmas (or "The Holidays" as I will now have to refer to it), Benedict is now laid up in traction for at least six weeks. Some would see this as a needlessly tragic injury, brought on my man's senseless desire to hunt down and destroy small furry creatures. I saw this as an opportunity - to spend an extended period of time in the US, and to leave a lasting impression on the restaurant culture of the West Coast.

I expect to be relocating for at least six months, possibly more. I bring a wife, two children and a small Cairn Terrier ("Bruegel") who will join us once he's emerged from quarantine. In addition to immersing myself in all things American (except, that is, for an accent or Country & Western music) I intend to share my thoughts periodically through blogging and other social means. From time to time I will use this site to compose longer, more considered missives in the style (though not, I fear to the same standard) as my long time hero Alistair Cooke (the nonagenarian raconteur, not to be confused with the England cricket captain). As homage to his classic compositions, and by way of a nod to my new home and my interest in all things food-related, I've decided to call the blog "Latte From America".

I do hope you enjoy it.