The Last Parsnip

A Truly Unbelievable Dining Experience from Chef Bryce Chartwell

Local Cheeses

Faveringsham lies in the heart of the English cheese making industry. At the Last Parsnip we’ve selected some of the finest local cheeses to offer up as part of our “Chef’s Platter”:


Chessex Blue

Acerbic and mildly offensive, this semi-skimmed goat cheese is aged for 13 months to produce its deeply unsettling aquamarine mold.

Pairs well with a pint of Papal Outrage or a glass of Mentmouth’s Retreat.


 Treble Byroncester

A hard, leathery cheese with a preternatural stringency, this cow’s cheese is aged for at least 3 years beneath the bowels of Borfolk Cathedral.

Pairs well with Winter’s Menacing Caress or a glass of Blue Nun.


Dulce de Letchey

Creamy and flaccid, this bark-wrapped cheese runs off the tongue at any reasonable temperature. Herbaceous and nutty, with a hint of regret.

Pairs well with a Welsh Coffee


Humbrian Poacher

This notoriously hard cheese has been variously described as “cutting” and “spiteful”. A wonderful assault of pepper and coal tar, with a lingering sense of goat.

Pairs well with a glass of Glenfuchel or a glass of Rochford 8